Eastern Pennsylvania Football League

The Eastern Pennsylvania Football League (EPFL) was a professional American football league that played in 1938.[1] The league was made up of four teams. Some of their players were from the American Association and the Dixie League.[1] The league only lasted one season.

Eastern Pennsylvania Football League
SportAmerican football
Inaugural season1938
No. of teams4 (1938)
CountryUnited States
Hazleton Redskins

The league champions, Hazleton, were a Washington Redskins farm team.[2]


The League's only season was in 1938. They had four teams. The Hazleton Redskins were named champions after posting a 5-1 record when each of the other teams had 2 or less wins.[1] Right before the final game of the season, the Reading Rams moved to Shenandoah, Pennsylvania.[3] Only 5 EPFL players played in the NFL. They were Joe Koons (Scranton), Bud Erickson (Hazleton), Ed Kahn (Hazleton), George Platukis (Hazleton), and John Spirida (Hazleton).[4][5][6][7][8] The League folded after 1938.


TeamWLTPct.PFPA [9]
Hazleton Redskins 510.8339816
Reading Rams 230.4002238
Wilkes-Barre Panthers 231.4002255
Scranton Miners 131.600740

Champions: Hazleton Redskins

After the season, Hazleton played against the Dixie League champions, Norfolk Shamrocks, in Richmond, Virginia. The game drew 2,000 fans that saw the Redskins winning 16-14.[10]


In the schedule 6 weeks were played, listed below is each game in the schedule.

Week 1

Hazleton Redskins 14 vs. Wilkes-Barre Panthers 0 (October 2, 1938 in Wilkes-Barre)

Reading Rams 6 vs. Scranton Miners 0 (October 2, 1938 in Reading)

Week 2

Reading Rams 9 vs. Wilkes-Barre Panthers 3 (October 9, 1938 in Reading)

Scranton Miners 7 vs. Hazleton Redskins 0 (October 9, 1938 in Hazleton)

Week 3

Hazleton Redskins 20 vs. Scranton Miners 0 (October 16, 1938 in Scranton)

Wilkes-Barre Panthers 3 vs. Reading Rams 0 (October 16, 1938 in Wilkes-Barre)

Week 4

Hazleton Redskins 19 vs. Reading Rams 7 (October 23, 1938 in Hazleton)

Wilkes-Barre Panthers 14 vs. Scranton Miners 0 (October 27, 1938 in Wilkes-Barre)

Week 5

Hazleton Redskins 32 vs. Wilkes-Barre Panthers 2 (October 30, 1938 in Hazleton)

Reading Rams vs. Scranton Miners (At Reading, cancelled due to Reading playing another game on the same day)

Week 6

Wilkes-Barre Panthers 0 vs. Scranton Miners 0 (November 13, 1938 in Scranton)

Hazleton Redskins 13 vs. Reading Rams 0 (November 13, 1938 in Hazleton)

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