2008 United Indoor Football season

The 2008 United Indoor Football season was preceded by 2007. It was the fourth and final season of the UIF. For this year, there were 8 teams (4 teams in 2 conferences) playing a 15-game season schedule with all teams playing 14 regular season games from Saturday, March 8 to Saturday, June 14. The winning team was decided in United Bowl IV on Saturday, July 12. For the fourth-straight year, the Sioux Falls Storm became the UIF champion as they beat the Bloomington Extreme.

Following United Bowl IV, the champion played against the Intense Football League champion (the Louisiana Swashbucklers) on Saturday, August 2 and won the inaugural National Indoor Bowl. The National Indoor Bowl was popular enough to allow the two leagues (UIF and IFL) create a new league called the Indoor Football League for 2009.


Team Overall Division
Wins Losses Percentage Wins Losses Percentage
Eastern Division
Bloomington Extreme 7 7 0.500 6 1 0.857
RiverCity Rage 6 8 0.429 4 3 0.571
Sioux City Bandits 4 10 0.286 1 3 0.250
Wichita Wild 2 12 0.143 1 5 0.167
Western Division
Sioux Falls Storm 11 3 0.786 3 3 0.500
Billings Outlaws 10 4 0.714 5 3 0.625
Omaha Beef 10 4 0.714 2 2 0.500
Colorado Ice 6 8 0.429 2 4 0.333
  • Green indicates clinched playoff berth
  • Purple indicates division champion
  • Grey indicates best league record


Belton, TX Corpus Christi, TX
6 Alaska 18
3 CenTex 34
3 CenTex 71 Lake Charles, LA
2 Corpus Christi 64
Intense Football League
Odessa, TX 2 Corpus Christi 35
Lake Charles, LA
1 Louisiana 66
5 Frisco 33 Intense Football League Championship
4 Odessa 57
4 Odessa 67 Sioux Falls, SD
1 Louisiana 59
Wild Card playoffs
Divisional playoffs
St. Charles, MO IFL1 Louisiana 42
Bloomington, IL
UIF1 Sioux Falls 54
3 Sioux City 33 National Indoor Bowl
2 RiverCity 7
2 RiverCity 37 Sioux Falls, SD
1 Bloomington 33
United Indoor Football
Billings, MT E1 Bloomington 35
Sioux Falls, SD
W1 Sioux Falls 40
3 Omaha 30 United Indoor Football Championship
2 Billings 44
2 Billings 47
1 Sioux Falls 46

All-Star Game

All-Star Game
W Western All-Stars 57
E Eastern All-Stars 39

All-Star Teams

Eastern Conference Western Conference
Position Name Team Position Name Team
QB Dusty Burk Bloomington QB Chris Dixon BIL
QB Chad Kapanui Sioux City QB James McNear Omaha
RB Johnny Bentley Sioux City RB Sean Treasure Sioux Falls
RB Keith Brooks Bloomington RB R.J. Rollins Omaha
WR James Walton Bloomington WR Robert Reed Billings
WR O.J. Simpson Sioux City WR James Terry Sioux Falls
WR Donald Payne Wichita WR Ken Horton Omaha
OL Barry Brueggeman RiverCity OL Paul Keizer Sioux Falls
OL Eric Johnson Bloomington OL Dan Potmesil Omaha
OL Erv Strohbeen Sioux City OL Artavious Williams Billings
OL Scott Robinson Wichita OL Brandon Alconcel Colorado
DL Quince Holman Bloomington DL Mike Bazemore Billings
DL Justin Montgomery Wichita/Bloomington DL Cory Johnsen Sioux Falls
DL Andy Poulosky Sioux City DL Colin Bryant Omaha
DL Marvin Campbell Bloomington DL Steven Frye Colorado
LB Joe Bevis RiverCity LB Mark Blackburn Sioux Falls
LB Spetlar Tonga Sioux City LB Travis Salter Billings
DB Milton Proctor RiverCity DB Travonti Johnson Billings
DB Chad Husted Sioux City DB Shannon Poppinga Sioux Falls
DB Terrill Mayberry Bloomington DB Dustin Creager Omaha
DB Eric Washington Wichita DB Dorsey Golston Colorado
DB James Temple Bloomington DB Travis Garcia Colorado
K Peter Christofilakos Bloomington K Ricky Lebeda Omaha
KR Hurtis Chinn RiverCity KR Bryan Alberty Sioux Falls
UT Andre Raymond Bloomington UT Ryan Palmer Colorado
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